A Musical Interlude and New Beginning

     Life makes your head spin.  To capture serenity… Chicago born, Wisconsin raised and award-winning singer-songwriter Jason Chaffee draws from his own personal story to arrange a tapestry of rock, ambience, emotion, and melody into a song that captures your ear on the first listen.  Being influenced by folk rockers like Richard Thompson and Colin Hay to the ethereal vocal tones of David Gilmour and Peter Gabriel he draws on the energy of the notes between the notes.  Silence that allows a break to capture our collective breath and move into the next universe provided tones.




     After debuting in the top 200 College Radio charts for his freshman album “Carry Me” Jason has played extensively around the Midwest as well as New York.  Being supported by a host of musicians that have played as members of Gin Blossoms, Tommy Keene, Soul Asylum, and Another Carnival he is quickly drawing his attention to larger venues and festivals outside of the region.