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I am Jason Chaffee, currently living in Minneapolis MN USA.  Most of my life I had have been working hard at crafting songs in the folk rock genre and have always leaned toward the ethereal sounds, the note between the notes.  Those sounds gave me a feeling of nostalgia, happiness, sadness. This music carried me through the hardest times of my life and brought me a sense of belonging to a community of creators that I haven't met.   Just before the pandemic (and perfect timing) I was leaning into ambient creation for the first time and I was thrust into a new world of intentional listening.  Listening with purpose.  Creation with prupose.  Here are 3 tracks that have been released as singles which will be on my album set to be released in 2024.  

Thanks for listening!

1. Stratus - A journey of 3 distinct parts.

2. Bliss - Subtle, fragile, dark.  My first attempt at cello

3. 12 Years - A song remembering my Father's untimely passing. I still can't listen to this without tears.

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