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NEWS on the composer front

Single Release "Bliss" 2/22/23


My first single release "Bliss" will be released on Feb 22 on all streaming platforms.  I am quite happy with this very relaxed piano piece which kicks off the album, but I won't give the idea away quite yet.  Each single will have some pretty cool artwork to accompany it and have a close relationship to the meaning behind the song.  I am going to be making a book out of the art and some 'splaining to do on this music, the mood, the seemingly deranged brain that lives in my head.  This music keeps the thoughts and running processes at bay, halt and catch fire!  I hope that this album brings out the peace I am looking for at completion.

2023 Album Release


I will be releasing my first Ambient album in 2023 with each song being released as a single and finally a Vinyl with a full digital release.  I will be working with a few local talents on a couple songs with guest vocals as well as many other string players, guitar, and keyboards.

Hosting on KFAI Radio


I am hosting the morning of Sunday Oct 2.  I will be continuing my introduction of Ambient music with a playlist that can be found here:

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