First Single and Album Release Set

I will be releasing my first single "Lost It All" which will be followed up by a 2018 EP release of "Carry Me." After a long bout with stops and starts and a personal journey I share through music and my own story I have never become so aware of what is possible until these last 2 years. Remove the blocks that fill your road with ditches and potholes and the objective seems to be less obscured. Not fully, we still have to deal with assholes in the way. Call these the piles of carrion in the middle of the road we need to steer clear of. Self induced harm and a resultant set of skewed morals, off center objectives, and self-defeating yet fulfilling prophecy are only a decision that you make. These things just don't happen to you, in most cases you let them happen to you. You can make that change, some have to fall harder than others, but the option is always there. Reach out. It's a start.