Nashville or busts...

Studio Kittah

I choose Nashville. Some of the folks already headed down via rubber on the road and I am embarking on my record label funded junket via Southwest Airlines and testing out the baggage handling skills of the cargo staff with my 68' J45. Not really sure what to expect, but I do know I will be surrounded by true musicians. The esteemed John Richardson on drums n' perc, Adam Ollendorff on all things tasty slide, pedal, and guitar, David LaBruyere on bass and anything else that comes to mind, and last but definitely not least Tom Bukovac, Nashville session master extraordinaire, on guitar. I mean seriously... still trying to wrap my head around the host of awesomeness listed above. Then there is me. I'll be doing something, I hope. All of this to be led by ringmaster Mark Rubel at his personal studio, Pogo with engineering assistance from the wonderous Jackson Dols. (that name right there is a money maker) So, that lines up the next 5 days of my life. I can't wait to hear the final production from this session. Oh yeah, that record label is mine, so... I guess I'm funding my trip.

Do widzenia!