Songwriting on a plane

When the inspiration comes to write a song it is something that you just know the minute you start into it. Something opens up and connects you to another part of your self or another part of the universe where the blocks of our normal reality are removed and you can focus on the emotion at hand. Generally, these come really easy.

The past few months have proven difficult for my family as well as the friends and other families that have lost loved ones. This song is a culmination of the feeling of that loss and the idea that expectations in life are laughed down and replaced with something a bit more challenging. The important part is to come out the other side stronger. The words may not make sense out of the gate because they tie a few different personal subjects together, but that is the magic of music. Entirely subjective, make it what you want it to be. Anyway, take a listen (and look) ... oh and I apologize for any errors, it is pretty raw. In every sense.