Minnesota Man Adds New Fancier Title to Online Marketing Campaign.

"Award Winning Singer/Songwriter Jason Chaffee"

Sorry, I had to do that headline just to see how much I'd blush reading it. It was quite embarassing for those that couldn't see. I am not much of a self promoter or a gloater. Probably a bad combo for the industry that I have such a passion for. Anyway, with some kind nudging from some dear friends of mine I was able to establish my place in history as the official 2nd Place Winner in the Singer/Songwriter Competition at the 2018 River Falls Roots and Bluegrass Music Festival. I don't classify my music as either but I suppose my songs get their roots from somewhere along the long line of style and composition that originated from a sing-a-long around the first camp fire some time in 'way back' B.C. I am happy to report that the equipment we get to write on these days is a lot better than what they had in 1,002,018 B.C. Assuming they started composing music as soon as the first fires were discovered. This is all up for debate. My 68' Gibson J45, having undergone a fairly major surgery (new frets, shaved fretboard, fixed soundboard crack) recently had some glaring reviews of the sound that it projects. I am fairly certain that, had I not been shouldering this amazing and fine instrument, I would not be writing this. So thanks to Michele at St. Paul Guitar repair again for saving the day. If this guitar had fingers, baby I'd put a ring on it.