Winter in MN and WI has taken a toll, on everyone.

I know I am not alone when I say that! For some it becomes a real question, "am I willing to do this another year?" That became very real for me this winter as I now enter my 10th year living here. I've now lived here just about as long as I did in Seattle. But as we go into spring/summer I am certain that question will be erased once again. You just can't beat the summer's here. Not to mention all of my family and friends live here. So, for now I will table that question. It's been a good winter as far as music goes. A quick list of some cool things that happened:

- Debut of "Carry Me" in top 200 College charts

- Video Release of "un Momento" at Aster Cafe

- Radio KFAI, WMCN interview and performances

- Gigs, gigs, and gigs

- <EDIT> I totally forgot to add: 7 signed music use contracts with Discovery Network.

Between now and next winter I have quite the task list with a lot of shows in the region. A few in the books and many more to come. Regional tour through St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Champaign, Milwaukee, and anywhere else I can get my hands on. I will begin working on an EP this spring with a late summer release but will be a bit different than the wonderfully polished sound of "Carry Me." That took a lot out of me and am just now feeling ok enough to start a smaller venture. But this is going to be more raw and not that the music on "Carry Me" wasn't from the heart, I hope that this is more of an honest "what you hear is what you get" me. That also goes with some of the things I am going to tackle while doing this. I want to put these things to good use and try and educate along the way. My journey brought me here and I should share some of my experiences so other people who struggle with depression, addiction, (let's toss a chronic disease on top of that too) can see that it is quite feasible to live a happy and healthy life. There are struggles however, I am of the silent variety. Maybe they call that smiling depression? Whatever it is, sometimes it grabs you and wrings out your happy thoughts leaving it out to dry like a stale dishrag hanging over the middle of the sink. You walk into the kitchen one day and say to yourself "my God what is that wretched smell" ah, yes.. my mentality, I better take care of that. Onward folks!