Dissonance knows best

I am trying to be more transparent with my story in hopes that it will help someone else finally reach out and get the help they need and realize that it is COMPLETELY possible to live a life you truly deserve. In the depths of that mental quagmire coupled with a seemingly hopeless state of addiction there is plenty of proof in not just my story but countless millions of other's who have made it out alive and are finally happy and free. That all being said, I am happy to say that a local organization, Dissonance, will be supporting my show at the Hook & Ladder on 5/2. They will be onsite with a booth supplied with handouts and other information regarding resources for mental health, addiction, and well-being. Of course they are also available to answer any questions you have.

In short (from their website) "Dissonance examines the intersection of creativity and wellbeing, working to create safe spaces, smash social stigmas, and shape education and business practices relating to mental health, addiction, and compassion in the arts. In short, we want to contribute to a healthier environment in the arts community. Collectively, we need to find new ways to support, sustain, and celebrate creativity."

I want to thank Dissonance for their support on this and hope you all can join us for a night of great music from Joe Kopel and my band.

So go buy your tickets here: eventbrite Joe Kopel and Jason Chaffee at the Hook!