One year later, post "Carry Me"

We've all heard the term "good things come to those who wait." In some case I suppose that is the best answer, it is never good to rush into things. (Especially relationships) But in my case, if i had waited any longer to restart my musical life, absolutely nothing would have been realized this last year for me. What do I mean by realized? Here is a quick list of some of the key musical events since I released my album in August of last year.


1. Well, the album release. A story can be written on this experience alone.

2. Two successful release shows at the Potter's Shed in Shell Lake WI and at the Parkway Theater right here in Minneapolis as part of their grand remodel and reopening. (awesome)

3. Album breaking the top 200 (at 156) in the College Charts

4. 6 Signed licensing deals with Discovery Network

5. Many gigs locally with some great local artists.

6. Radio interviews and live performances

7. My awesome band being asked to back up Dawn Marie at Country Jam 2019

8. Playing the hometown crowd at the Spooner Rodeo Block Party

And rather than numbering the following, some of the best things that came out of this experience were the ones that just naturally happened. This is where the work pays off the most. I developed more caring relationships, I showed up in life, stayed optimistic, helped other artists, gained lasting contacts in the industry, learned how to professionally and successfully release a damn album on vinyl! (it is no small feat)

So much hard work went into all of this that I surprised myself on a daily basis. How would I handle the stress, ups, and downs of all of this when it comes to my sobriety? Learning, learning, learning... weathering the storms and coming out the other end of this journey virtually unscathed. Having a toolbelt of new experiences to dwell on for the future I have found that I have lost the fear of trying. I got to experience the let down and failure that comes with critics, bad gigs, unmet expectations. Having the door slammed more than opened in some cases but still pushing forward. In the end of it all I have an experience of a lifetime to carry me into this next endeavor. I am excited about what is ahead and look forward to sharing some good news soon. Good news a knockin' !