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Solo and so forth...

As I continue to write more music in the ambient realm I am also continuing to curb my performance stress by booking more performances! Solo that is. This winter has brought me to a simplistic way of thinking. Releasing "Carry Me" was one of the best experiences I've ever had and it gave me a lot of really cool growing opportunities. Those moments we need to get out of our shell and face challenges that we once thought were inconceivable and definitely unachievable. Not true, as it turns out. I often have to reflect on my logs of those events and remind myself that I did this before, I can make the next one even a bigger jump. I think my planned move to Iceland for a while and recording some tracks with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra is a good start. But I digress, in the interim I will be filling up with solo shows and my first one flattered me. Katy Vernon (musician extraordinaire and Dissonance board member) texted me and asked me if I would perform at their Wednesday Music Series at Capella tower downtown Minneapolis. Of course I said hell yes and as a result have been working hard on a set for the hour I will be on stage. Also getting scheduled at some local places in the Twin Cities as well as the usual suspects in Wisconsin. But for the time being I am excited to be part of a Dissonance sponsored event again. I truly believe in what they do for our community.

Link to the Dissonance mission statement here: