What is on, is off...

3 Months ago I had a great job, I had my sobriety, I exercised, I ate right, and I had a working plan to move to Iceland for a recording project which included the Budapest Symphony. It is so much cheaper to do shared block recording sessions and get the full feel of a symphonic session. A dream for sure. Also the Icelandic government will reimburse you 25% for costs incurred if you record there.


Enter Covid-19

Unemployed, not really exercising... who am I kidding. I am NOT exercising unless you count rigorously brushing your teeth and flossing exercise. I challenged sobriety, and Iceland is on the back burner. Or better yet, it is in the chest freezer downstairs waiting to be taken out to thaw and placed on the back burner to simmer for a while.

I have been busy with house stuff, fixing things, writing songs, and just trying to shower daily and not bite people's heads off. Good Lord I am irritable lately. I was able to put together a video with a song I wrote when we first went into lockdown. It is called "12 Years" and has a lot of significant tones and melodies in it that I won't go into explaining here. Notice the cello in the beginning though, the four notes of the decending chimes of a Grandfather clock. You can see and hear that right here:


Everyone is going through something, even outside of this pandemic, but the fact that we are all sequestered in our homes and neighborhoods, seemingly divided against a small but angering group of "patriots" in these United States, the normal angst in life is nothing but overwhelming at times. So, cry, laugh, hug yourself, listen to music, drop your CBD oil, go for long walks, eat some brownies, and shovel some ice cream into your face. One day this will be over, when? Nobody knows. Until then, just remember that the sun is still shining and the birds give two shits about our pandemic.