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Jason Chaffee is a composer and singer/songwriter that currently hails from Minneapolis Minnesota.

Chaffee's signature is by far his vocal style that lends itself to an airy and warm emotive sound yet has an edginess that brings a song into an emotionally charged melody keeping a new ear replaying the songs after a first listen.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Colin Hay, and Peter Gabriel Jason's freshman album "Carry Me" gives a nod to the power pop-rock genre.  After charting in the NACC top 200 Jason toured regionally and began work on his next album.  This work was delayed however due to the global pandemic and his songwriting started moving into solo compositional Ambient work.  With influence from Max Cooper, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Ulrich Schnauss and many more Chaffee's debut Ambient album is due out in 2023.

"Genre's are fake" - Charlie Parr

Keeping to this notion Jason often is found experimenting with many styles of music with the obvious rock/pop but also can be found playing square neck resonator in bluegrass bands, playing festivals like "Blue Ox Music Festival" and Country Jam USA both in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  

A note on "Carry Me"

“Carry Me” is Jason’s debut album and tells a deep personal story of seemingly being born again from ashes. The first song on the album, “Lost It All (Only Road)” sets the precedent for what is to become a personal triumph over struggles that leave us with no other choice but to  pick up our wreckage and try another way. - “extremely epic and grand. Warm, comforting and joyous.” - Divide and Conquer

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